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The project logo 2021 Virginia Beach Point-in-Time Count

The project logo 2021 Virginia Beach Point-in-Time Count

Using the map below, help us identify areas where individuals have been known to live without shelter. Virginia Beach is required to conduct an annual Point-in-Time (PIT) Count of the homeless population to determine how much federal funding our community will receive for programs and services that help the homeless. Through the PIT Count, the community is able to learn how many people are homeless, where they are located, how they became homeless and what services they need. ​The more we know about our homeless population, the better we can serve their needs. 

The information you provide will help guide our Homeless Outreach Team during the 2021 PIT Count on Jan. 27 - 31 and help ensure that everyone who should be included is counted and assessed for services. Signs that an individual is living unsheltered include personal belongings left behind, a structure resembling a bed is present, individual(s) have been seen there on multiple occasions, etc.  We are asking for visual observations only -- please do not engage the individuals.

For more information about the PIT Count, click here.

Deadline for Input: January 17, 2021

For assistance with the online tool, contact Stacey Leary, at (757) 385-5161 or [email protected]. For more information about providing locations for the Homeless Outreach Team, contact Crystal Rivera at (757) 385-5165. 

We appreciate your assistance.

Click the "Add Point" button and then click on the map to mark a location where individuals have been observed living without shelter in Virginia Beach. In the comment box, include the date observed (MM/DD/YY) and any additional details that will help identify the location and situation (e.g. landmarks and cross streets, number of individuals, description of environment, etc.). Press "Post with Comment" to save the point and details, and then "Complete" to submit your response. Repeat these steps for each additional location you want to submit.

You can zoom in on the map and use the the layers icon (bottom icon in the white box on the right) to switch between map and satellite views.