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Clean Water Plan Questionnaire

Clean water is what makes the Northwest special. Puget Sound, our lakes, rivers, and streams give us food, transportation, jobs, and fun. Over the next few decades, the region will spend billions of dollars on water quality protection. King County needs to update its wastewater plan so that we make the right investments at the right time. This effort is called the Clean Water Plan, and it will guide the county’s work for decades.

Since 2019, King County has been talking to people about their water quality, environmental health, and economic priorities. We want to make sure the Clean Water Plan reflects people’s priorities and needs.

There are many ways for people to get involved. For example, you can: fill out this questionnaire, send us an email, watch a video, read our e-newsletter, talk to us at a meeting or invite us to your event, attend a webinar, and read materials online.

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone. We are changing the ways we communicate to reflect current and future health and safety needs. Please answer a few questions to tell us the best way to communicate with you.

Sign up for our e-newsletter at the end of this questionnaire for updates about the planning process and how we are using people’s input.

Have you heard about King County's Clean Water Plan?
Yes, I have heard a little about it.
Yes, I've been following along.
No, today is the first time.
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How did you hear about the Clean Water Plan?
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At King County, we know that times are uncertain because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and individual lives have changed greatly in 2020. How has COVID-19 changed how much time you have to get involved with the Clean Water Plan this coming year?
I have no time to get involved right now.
I have less time than before.
I have the same amount of time as before.
I have more time than before.
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In the remainder of 2020 and in 2021, what are the best ways for you to receive information and get involved with the Clean Water Plan? Select all that apply.
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What Clean Water Plan topics most interest you and your community? Select all that apply.
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People told us these clean water priorities are most important to them. Which ones are most important to you? Select all that apply.
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Do you have any additional thoughts or suggestions?
What is your ZIP code?
Are you interested in getting involved in the Clean Water Plan?
I am not interested in getting involved in the Clean Water Plan.
I am new to the project and I want to get involved in the Clean Water Plan.
I have been involved in the project before.
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If you would like to join our e-newsletter list or get involved with the project, please share your contact information below. All fields are optional.