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San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees (SAWS)

San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees (SAWS)

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is governed by the SAWS Board of Trustees, which is vested with the complete management, control, and operation of the Water System. The board controls the expenditure and application of the revenues of the system and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning rates, fees, and charges for services rendered by the system. The board consists of six at-large trustees and the Mayor as an ex-officio member. Four SAWS trustees each represent a single quadrant of the utility’s service area. Two trustees each represent the two northern or southern quadrants combined. Trustees must reside either within the area served by SAWS or within the corporate limits of the City. The trustees are appointed by the City Council and each serve a four-year term of office beginning on June 1 and ending on May 31. Trustees are limited to serving two terms of office, unless their first appointment was for the remainder of an unexpired term of office of less than two years.

Liaison: Lisa Mireles – (210) 233-3690.

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