As part of the development of the next long-range transportation plan, to be adopted in 2023, the BRTB is considering a revised set of regional goals and strategies*. These goals and strategies will serve as a basis for regional decision making. The BRTB is offering this set of regional goals and strategies for public review and comment:

  • Resilience 2050 Goals and Strategies draftGoals that address the basic functions of transportation
    • Goal 1: Improve Accessibility
    • Goal 2: Increase Mobility
  • Goals that address the conditions or effects of transportation
    • Goal 3: Improve System Safety
    • Goal 4: Improve and Maintain the Existing Infrastructure
    • Goal 5: Create an Environmentally Responsible Transportation System
    • Goal 6: Improve System Security
    • Goal 7: Promote Prosperity and Economic Opportunity
  • Goals that address the transportation decision making process
    • Goal 8: Foster Participation and Cooperation Among Stakeholders
    • Goal 9: Promote Informed Decision Making


Share Your Thoughts 

Public comments were welcome on the draft goals and strategies for Resilience 2050 from Wednesday, September 8 through Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at noon. You can click on each tab for details on each goal and accompanying strategies. 

To share your thoughts and ideas on the draft goals and strategies, send all comments in writing to:

The BRTB considered and responded to all comments on the goals and strategies in November.  On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the BRTB voted to approve the final Resilience 2050 goals and strategies. 

View Survey Responses  | View Comments Received (pdf)  | View BRTB Response (pdf)


*Note:  The order of these goals doesn't imply any priority.

** Survey responses are considered official public comment