Long Creek Greenway Phases:

Long Creek Phasing

Long Creek Greenway Phase 1 is Complete!

Long Creek Greenway Phase 1

Long Creek Greenway Phase 2 is Complete!

Long Creek Greenway Phase 3 is Under Construction:

Long Creek Greenway from Treyburn Drive to Oakdale Road (Phase 2 and 3): 

Note that these maps show preliminary recommendations for the greenway trail and stream restoration alignments, which are subject to change based on design and budget considerations. 

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Long Creek Stream Enhancement

The stream banks along Long Creek have been eroding away and causing dangerously steep slopes and widespread tree loss. When eroded soil enters the stream, water becomes polluted with sediment, and the water quality becomes adversely impacted. Fallen trees block stream flows which exacerbate localized flooding and accelerate erosion. These poor stream conditions negatively affect the health of wildlife including fish and other aquatic creatures. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will work to restore and enhance the banks along Long Creek, improve water quality, and reduce erosion. During the construction phase, trees will be removed and the site might look unsightly, open and bare, as crews perform their work. It is an essential goal of the project to restore the vegetated stream buffer throughout the project area. Trees and other native vegetation will be planted shortly after construction is completed. At first you will see grasses, then small trees and shrubs will appear. Within a few years, large hardwood trees will dominate and new growth will continue for years to come. 

Existing Long Creek:

Existing condition of Long Creek

Example of Recently Completed Stream Restoration:

example of stream restoration

Project Schedule: 

Design + Permitting

Public Meeting

March 25, 2021

Meeting materials available after the live meeting. 


Phase 1: Complete

Phase 2: Complete

Phase 3: Complete


Construction Start

Phase 3: November 2023

Construction Completion

Phase 3: Goal: Spring 2025

Greenway Master Plan:

Oak Hills Parkland Reserve

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation has also begun to study the future use of Oak Hills Parkland Reserve, the ~150 acre park property located at 4120 Oakdale Road in NW Charlotte. The Long Creek Greenway trail, restroom, and parking lot is the first funded phase of improvements for the property. Below are two concepts for potential future improvments. While this park development has not yet been funded for construction, please let us know if you have any comments about how you would like to use the park!

Map of potential park concept 1 for Oak Hills.

Map of potential park concept 2 for Oak Hills.

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Additional questions? Contact:

Katie Lloyd, Senior Planner

Katie.Lloyd@MeckNC.gov or 980-266-0691