The City of Cheviot commissioned a Safety Study along the Harrison Avenue Business District from the City of Cincinnati corporation limit to the Harrison Avenue/Bridgetown Road split.  The Safety Study is in response to the numerous crashes along the corridor, including pedestrians getting hit and buildings being hit and destroyed, because of the excessive speeding and weaving in the corridor that has resulted in 168 crashes from 2015 to 2017 resulting in 36 injury crashes, including 9 pedestrian crashes.    

As a result of the study, the City of Cheviot intends to develop a road diet to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians on Harrison Avenue within the City of Cheviot by changing the driving lanes to only the two inside lanes along Harrison Avenue.  The curb lane will have curb bulbs and pavement markings to reinforce exclusive 24-hour parking with new state-of-the-art parking kiosks instead of individual parking meters.  A raised intersection, two raised crosswalks, and a drive-able median are proposed to help slow the travel speed through the corridor to the posted speed limit. High-visibility crosswalks are proposed at all intersections and mid-block crossings, as well as at the two existing signalized intersections.   Pedestrian oriented warning signs, in-street pedestrian warning paddle signs, dynamic speed display devices and speed limit pavement stamping, along with LED lighting will be constructed.  These traffic calming measures will help reduce crashes in the corridor and reduce the travel speed to the posted speed limit of 25 mph.

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