Vashon Maury Island Community Service Area Workplan Action 1: P-suffix Conditions

During community outreach and development of the subarea plan, the need to update property specific, or p-suffix, development conditions on Vashon-Maury Island arose. Conditions VS-P28 and VS-P29, which apply to specific parcels within the Vashon Rural Town, were reviewed during plan development and the Executive’s transmitted 2017 subarea plan included proposed changes to these two conditions. Council review of the proposed changes to the conditions identified several policy issues in need of further review and potential refinement. Additionally, the Council identified the need to comprehensively review all of the existing p-suffix conditions on Vashon-Maury Island. As a result, the transmitted changes to VS-P28 and VS-P29 will not be adopted in 2017.

Instead, this Workplan action item directs an Interbranch Team to comprehensively review, and propose updates as appropriate, all p-suffix conditions and special district overlays for Vashon-Maury Island. This review will include: 1) review of the legislative history and current status of each existing p-suffix condition and special district overlay and evaluation of its consistency with the Vashon-Maury Island subarea plan as adopted by the County, as well as other adopted laws, rules and policies, 2) evaluation of any changes needed to accommodate farmer’s markets within the Rural Town, and 3) updates to conditions for marijuana uses to reflect consistency with other unincorporated areas of King County and taking into consideration the marijuana industry studies underway by the Executive required by Ordinance 18326. The review of the p-suffix conditions and special district overlays, and any proposed changes shall include community outreach to be completed by the Executive. This outreach shall specifically include notification the property owners impacted by the current p-suffix conditions and special district overlays and any proposed changes – both to the property owners of conditioned parcels and adjacent property owners.

Timeline: A Vashon-Maury Island P-Suffix Conditions Report and proposed ordinance to implement the recommendations in report shall be transmitted to the Council for consideration by June 30, 2022. *Please note that the timeline for this review has been updated to be included within the scope of 2024  Comprehensive Plan Update.

Outcomes: The Interbranch Team shall develop and the Executive shall file with the Council the Vashon-Maury Island P-Suffix Conditions Report, which shall include identification of recommended amendments to the p-suffix conditions and special district overlays. The Executive shall also file with the Council an ordinance adopting updates to the p-suffix conditions and special district overlays as recommended in the Report.

Lead: The Department of Local Services shall lead an Interbranch Team including the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget, Council staff, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. Other departments may need to participate depending on the requirement of the p-suffix condition and special district overlay requirements. Executive staff shall update and coordinate with the Councilmember office(s) representing Vashon-Maury Island throughout the community planning process.

Search a property for a p-suffix condition:

P-suffix conditions can be searched for on King County's Property Specific Development Conditions webpage by using the "Development Condition Search" tool.

*Note: You need to know the property's parcel ID number (tax ID number). To find a property's parcel number, please visit King County's GIS and type the address into the search bar located in the top left corner of the page. Once you have searched the address, click on the parcel for additional property information.

Information on Each P-suffix Condition 

SO-140                  VS-P15            

SO-270                  VS-P16

VS-P01                   VS-P17

VS-P02                   VS-P18 

VS-P03                   VS-P19

VS-P04                   VS-P20

VS-P05                   VS-P21

VS-P06                   VS-P22

VS-P07                   VS-P23

VS-P08                   VS-P25

VS-P09                   VS-P26

VS-P10                   VS-P27

VS-P11                   VS-P28

VS-P12                   VS-P29

VS-P13                   VS-P30

VS-P14                   VS-P31


*Please note that individual maps of each p-suffix can be found at the bottom of each link's page. 


Reference Documents 

Vashon Concepts Document 



Frequently Asked Questions

A P-Suffix condition is a site-specific development condition which effects a single property or group of properties. These conditions can range in topics from use restrictions to specific design requirements, amongst other things.  

Please refer to the section on this page titled "Search a property for a p-suffix condition". You will need the parcel number of the property. If you do not know the parcel number, please visit King County's GIS page and search for the address to find it.

Staff will be holding various engagement activities over the coming months in order to hear from the community on these conditions. 

You can also contact the project planner Lane Zorich directly at: | 206-263-6397