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Conservation Advisory Board

Conservation Advisory Board

The purpose of the Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) is to provide input and advice to staff and City Council regarding:
  1. the acquisition of sensitive land over the Edwards Aquifer and the appropriate development and stewardship of such land acquired pursuant to the Parks Development and Expansion Venue Project (2000), pursuant to the Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Projects (2005, 2010 and 2015), and pursuant to the San Antonio Municipal Facilities Corporation funding program approved by City Council in 2020; and
  2. the stewardship and monitoring of conservation easements acquired under the Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Project(s). 
The CAB is comprised of nine voting members from each of the following organizations:
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department;
  • The Edwards Aquifer Authority;
  • The San Antonio River Authority;
  • The San Antonio Water System;
  • The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board;
  • The Economic Development Foundation; Medina County;
  • Uvalde County; and
  • the Director of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department.
Serving two-year, concurrent terms, board members may be reappointed indefinitely so long as they remain eligible in a given category. 

The CAB meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. The CAB typically does not hold a meeting in July, and holds a combined November/December meeting in late November or early December. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Board. Meetings are held in San Antonio River Authority’s Board Room located at 100 E. Guenther St., San Antonio, TX 78204.

Liaison: Phillip Covington – (210) 207-3003.

Apply for the Conservation Advisory Board here.
There are currently no upcoming meetings for this committee.

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