Project Background

A Main Street Traffic Calming Study (2011), performed by the Rockingham Planning Commission for the Town of Plaistow, recommended implementation of a comprehensive traffic calming program along Main Street (NH Route 121A), from the Library/Bittersweet Dr. north to Dunston Ave. The goal of the recommended improvements is to slow traffic, discourage use as a heavy vehicle cut-through, and improve mobility for non-motorized travel, with a final overall objective to improve the safety along Main Street. Presently, NH DOT is collecting information through public outreach, including this survey, which will help the NHDOT develop a range of conceptual alternatives.


NHDOT has included this project in the NHDOT Project Information Center. Details, available files, and schedule information can be found on the project page for Plaistow 40641 at


What we need from you

As defined by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the primary purpose of traffic calming is to support the livability and vitality of residential and commercial areas through improvements in non-motorist safety, mobility, and comfort. These objectives are typically achieved by reducing vehicle speeds or traffic volumes on a street or a street network. NH DOT will be conducting a public engagement process for this project including public information sessions, public officials meetings, and a series of surveys to better understand the issues and priorities that currently exist, as seen by the community members themselves.

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Main St - Initial Engagement Survey

Welcome to the opening survey for the Main Street (NH Route 121A) Traffic Calming project! The survey has just a few questions and should take around 5 minutes to complete. The survey closes 4/30/21.

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