Project Background

In 2011 the Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), on behalf of the Town of Plaistow, performed a Traffic Calming Study for Main Street (NH Route 121A) which recommended the implementation of a comprehensive traffic calming program along Main Street, from the Library/Bittersweet Drive north to Dunston Avenue. As defined by the Federal Highway Administration, the primary purpose of traffic calming is to support the livability and vitality of residential and commercial areas through improvements in non-motorist safety, mobility, and comfort.


In 2021, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) in partnership with the Town and the RPC conducted an online survey to better understand the issues and priorities that currently exist along Main Street. The information collected has assisted in the development of traffic calming measures that could be implemented throughout the corridor to slow traffic, discourage heavy vehicles cutting through, and improve mobility for non-motorized travel, with the ultimate goal of improving the safety along Main Street.


NHDOT has developed a project page in their Project Information Center where you can find additional project details, available files, and schedule information. Visit to learn more about this project. 



Question title

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What We Need From You

With the implementation of the first and second surveys, NHDOT is soliciting community members feedback. Their intent with the public engagement process is to better understand the community's perceived issues and priorities through public informational sessions, public officials’ meetings, and these surveys. Whether you have participated in the previous surveys or not, now is your chance to participate in the process and provide your feedback on the conceptual traffic calming measures that are being proposed. This survey will be open through December 24, 2023.


Do you want to get caught up on the feedback that has been provided to date? Review the survey results below!

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Main St - Initial Engagement Survey

Welcome to the opening survey for the Main Street (NH Route 121A) Traffic Calming project! The survey has just a few questions and should take around 5 minutes to complete. The survey closes 4/30/21.

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