Welcome To Our New Consultant and Contractor Virtual Forum!

We are excited to share our new online hub for consultants, contractors and suppliers to learn about upcoming contract opportunities related to capital projects in the Water and Land Resources Division. This virtual hub will replace the previously held Capital Projects: Consultant and Contractor Forum held by WLRD at the King Street Center in Seattle. 

Why the Transition to this Virtual Hub?

Prior to and during the pandemic, King County hosted semiannual in-person and virtual forums to provide upcoming capital project overviews to consultants, contractors and suppliers. This virtual hub replaces those meetings and allows all interested parties to view project information at any time. This transition increases access for all, including small businesses who may not have the staff capacity to devote several hours to an in-person or virtual event. 

Projects planned to commence within the next couple of years each have a tab at the top of the page – just click on the project name.  New and updated information will be posted to the hub on a quarterly basis.  All of the information on this hub is estimated – schedules and costs may change.  Each project description includes a project contact, summary, estimated schedule, and approximate budget. You can submit questions about projects from each project page.

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For more information or questions about this virtual hub, please contact Tammy Merritt, tammy.merritt@kingcounty.gov, or Andrea Plischke, andrea.plischke@kingcounty.gov. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the usefulness of the Upcoming Capital Projects Hub!


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The projects described here are being implemented by the following sections of King County's Water and Land Resources Division (WLRD):

  • Ecological Restoration and Engineering Services
  • River and Floodplain Management
  • Stormwater Services

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