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Historic and Design Review Commission

Historic and Design Review Commission

The Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) reviews projects related to exterior changes to properties individually designated as landmarks within the following areas: a historic district within the City; a River Improvement Overlay (RIO) District (including the River Walk); a View Shed Protection district; or a landmark property that is publicly-owned (i.e. libraries, parks, fire stations, etc.). In considering whether to recommend approval or disapproval of an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness, the HDRC is guided by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation, the City of San Antonio's Unified Development Code, and any additional design guidelines adopted by City Council.

The HDRC consists of 11 members: 10 District-appointed members appointed by their respective Councilmembers and one member appointed by the Mayor. Members each serve a two-year term.

Liaison: Meagan Lozano210-207-7991.

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