The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) conducted a Public Involvement Meeting on January 16th, 2020 to present a roundabout design to improve the safety of the intersection of SR-73 and SR-380. ODOT reviewed and investigated comments, questions, and concerns raised during and after the meeting. After addressing the comments and having internal meetings with the project team, it was decided that ODOT would proceed with developing a more taditional intersection design. The common questions,  comments and concerns have been compiled into a table with ODOT’s response and can be viewed here.


The “No Build” alternative was chosen, but based on additional analysis as well as public comments received, ODOT has decided to widen SR-73 to provide left turn lanes in each direction at the intersection as well. This alternative will move forward with further design and construction due to the following reasons:

  • The current signal has shown a reduction in the serious angle crashes originally observed.
  • The proposed turn lane additions should further improve safety and congestion in the area.
  • This alternative has a decreased overall cost.
  • There is potential for reduced property and environmental impacts.
  • Public feedback showed that there was a greater consensus around turn lanes than a roundabout.


All PI documents, FAQ sheets, public comments and responses, and current detour information are located to the right. If you wish to comment on ODOT’s preferred alternative please do so either by clicking on the Roundabout Survey Tab located above this passage, or send comments to the following address:

Ohio Department of Transportation District 8 Office

Attention: Keith Smith, P.E., DEC

505 South State Route 741

Lebanon, OH 45036-9518

Telephone Number: 1-800-831-2142


Or you can e-mail your comments to the Environmental PM, Cody Havlin E.I.T., [email protected].  If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Stephanie Roth, P.E., ODOT Project Manager: (513) 933-6584 or [email protected] .