• Construction crews will begin work on driveways on the eastern side of Redwood Rd. between approximately 5000 S. and 4700 S. in the next two weeks as early as Monday, March 27. 
    • Access will be maintained at all times. Some driveways will require the driveway to be built in halves with shared in and out access point. 
    • Please contact our PI team at 855-663-6800 if you have any questions about your driveway.
  • Sidewalk and concrete wall removal activities are ongoing on the eastern side of Redwood Rd. from approximately 5400 S. to Smiley Dr. 
    • Pedestrians are temporarily detoured to the west side of the street while sidewalk and wall reconstruction are underway.
    • Wall placement from approximately 5400 S. to Smiley Dr. is expected to begin as early as Monday, April 3. 
  • The UTA bus stop at 5100 S. and Redwood Rd. is temporarily discontinued to ensure safety during sidewalk and wall construction. 
    • Please use the closest bus stop at 4935 S. and Redwood Rd. (StopID: 153155) if needed.
  • Crews will continue to place power meters and will install concrete vaults along Redwood Rd. at various locations between 5400 S and 4100 S. during the winter months.


Pedestrians are asked to follow all posted detours and to remain out of constructions zones for safety. 


*Construction schedules are subject to change due to utility, material, weather, or equipment delays.



  • Construction activities 5 days per week
  • Lane shifts and traffic delays 
  • Increased noise, dust, and vibration
  • Construction crews and equipment in the area
  • Two lanes of traffic open in each direction




Taylorsville City in coordination with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), plan to improve mobility and safety along Redwood Road between 4100 South and 5400 South (Taylorsville City, Utah). This corridor has a significant amount of traffic and experiences vehicle conflicts, crashes and congestion due to its many commercial and public accesses. The purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow and safety, remove obstructions near the road and enhance the Redwood Road corridor.


  • Installation of right-turn pockets 

  • Consolidation of commercial and public accesses

  • Removal and reconstruction of curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, roadway signage

  • Installation of pavement markings, drainage modifications and utility relocations

  • Relocation of overhead powerlines and power poles underground

  • Installation of bus pullouts, pedestrian benches and shelters at the UTA bus stops

  • Installation of wider park strips and improved aesthetics with landscaping​




Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 855-663-6800



July 2022: Contruction Begins

Summer 2023: Construction Ends

*Construction activity is weather, materials, and equipment-dependent and subject to change


Contact Information

Hotline: 855-663-6800

Email: [email protected]