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Project Overview

The A-NPDC staffs the Eastern Shore Regional Navigable Waterways Committee (ESRNWC), which is charged with advising each County Board with the condition and status of all navigable waterways, prioritizing the Shore’s water navigation needs, and possible solutions to water transport needs. To that end, with support from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, the A-NPDC developed the Regional Dredging Needs Assessment (RDNA), which is to be updated before the end of 2021. This document provides information on existing conditions in focused navigable channels and identifies where navigation has become restricted to the point where dredging is needed.

Geodynamics is completing the channel condition surveys and base mapping and GET Solutions, Inc. is performing the sediment sampling and testing. Moffatt & Nichol is tasked with performing dredge material management planning and community engagement for the four channels. Dredged material management strategies will be developed to improve navigability of waterways and beneficially use dredged material when appropriate. The project aims to improve resiliency, coastal habitat condition, water quality, and/or provide protection for adjacent peoples and infrastructure.

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Project Background & Details

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a narrow (approximately 70-mile) coastal peninsula separating the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean with two counties and 19 incorporated towns. The peninsula is buffered from coastal impacts along its Atlantic coast by a barrier island chain and vast tidal marshes. Some areas of its Chesapeake Bay coast are also protected by various islands and tidal marshes. The creeks that shape the Chesapeake Bay coast are  generally much larger than those on the ocean or seaside of the peninsula. Historic land-use activities and changes to the dynamic coastal environments have contributed to the sedimentation of many creeks of the Eastern Shore. Furthermore, the region faces unique challenges with regards to coastal flooding, coastal erosion, and inundation from sea-level rise. Potential changes in storm intensity and frequency, and changes in relative sea level, will impact sedimentation patterns that affect the shoaling and navigability of coastal waterways. Additionally, dredging of these areas may provide materials which are suitable for beneficial use to mitigate coastal erosion and flooding and aid in habitat remediation.

Natural processes commonly impact the navigability of the Eastern Shore. This has historically been an issue of concern as access to these waterways is necessary for the economic viability of the coastal peninsula. Inadequate water depths approaching and adjacent to facilities and infrastructure can be disruptive to the economy and residents and tourists can only explore the coastal resources which they can access.

The following are Accomack County and Northampton County projects with project oversight/management being provided by the Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission (A-NPDC).

Site Context

Site context map showing the four project locations on Virginia's eastern shore. A key map is provided in the top right corner to indicate where this focus area is located.

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

Click the image to show an enlarged version for legibility.

Approximate Locations of the Following Active Project Areas

1. Folly Creek –  Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Seaside in Accomack County

2. Hungars Creek – Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Bayside of Northampton County

3. Nassawadox Creek –  Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Bayside in Northampton County

4. Red Bank Creek –  Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Seaside in Northampton County


Below are links to both active and archived projects. Please navigate each project page to learn more!

Click "Participate" below to learn more about Folly Creek, Hungars Creek, Nassawadox Creek and Red Banks Creek. You will have the opportunity to TAKE OUR SURVEY and PROVIDE COMMENTS on our interactive maps!

Waterway Maintenance Planning for Folly Creek, Hungars Creek, Nassawadox Creek, and Red Banks Creek

Accomack and Northampton Counties were awarded $426,500 from the Virginia Port Authority through the Virginia Waterway Maintenance Fund on July 2, 2020 to complete the Folly Creek, Hungars Creek, Nassawadox...

Other Active Projects 2020: Wachapreague

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Previously Funded Projects 2019: Quinby and Kings Creek

The following information provide a background overview for Quinby and Kings Creek, two previously funded channel projects in 2019.For the project in Spanish, please click here // Para...

Project Schedule and Milestones

The graphic below provides the general timeline of the planning effort for the above four channels.

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

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Available Presentations, Downloads and News

The following are various documents available for you to learn more about this important planning effort.