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Please note: The contact information below is optional and will only be used to provide updates regarding engagement for the proposed 180 day closure for Gordon Road (and will be subject to the requirements of the Sunshine Law).

You can find information on this and additional County initiatives at:

A temporary 180-day road closure for a small section of Gordon Road is necessary to perform work for the South County Potable (Drinking) Water Booster Pump Station Project. The road will be closed during construction of a new water line to connect the existing drinking water main at Big Bend Road to a new water booster pump station planned on Gordon Road. The pump station will help relieve low water pressure issues occurring in South County.


In accordance with BOCC Policy, which requires a public meeting for road closures of more than thirty (30) consecutive days, the purpose of this virtual public engagement is to provide the following information and allow for a two-week public comment period:


  1. Overview of the requested road closure, including the road closure timeline and proposed detour(s)
  2. Date of the BOCC meeting when the closure request is to be considered
  3. Process for citizen participation at the BOCC Regular Meeting, including County contact information for staff and Commissioners, as well as the process to have graphics and video cleared for presentation to the BOCC.


In addition to noticing this virtual public engagement opportunity as required by Board Policy, residents and businesses within the construction zone on Gordon Road will be contacted individually to discuss property access needs and accommodations before the work begins later this year.