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Before you complete the feedback questions below, we suggest that you read the Albemarle County Draft Housing Policy.

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March 17, 2021

This questionnaire is designed to provide you with an opportunity to share your feedback on each objective of the policy. Each page is dedicated to a specific topic in the draft policy. In addition to the option-based response, we invite you to share your comments so that our project team may better understand your selection. You may opt to make your comments "private", in which case they will only be shared with the project team and will not display on the questionnaire page.

Housing Goal

Albemarle County strives to provide housing that is:

  • safe, decent, and sanitary;
  • available to all households of all income and age levels;
  • located primarily in the Development Areas; and
  • available equally to all current and future county residents

Question title

How well does the housing goal reflect your vision for housing in Albemarle County?

Somewhat reflects my vision
Very accurately reflects my vision
Does not reflect my vision at all
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