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Snoqualmie Valley-Northeast King County Community Needs List Survey

Snoqualmie Valley-Northeast King County Community Needs List Survey

What are your priorities for Snoqualmie Valley-Northeast King County? 

In 2020, King County Executive Dow Constantine and the King County Council directed the Department of Local Services to create a Community Needs List for unincorporated areas, including the Snoqualmie Valley - North East King County Community Service Area.  The Community Needs List is a community-identified list of service, program, and capital improvement projects that the County will implement. 

Additionally, the Department of Local Services will be working together with Snoqualmie Valley and North East King County communities to develop a Subarea Plan that  establishes a long range vision, and policies to implement the vision.  Planning will commence in July 2021.  Information on the plan's development will be posted to this page.    

The first step in creating the Community Needs List is to create an initial catalogue of community requests. 

What Happens to My Input?  After the end of April 2021 community requests will be reviewed, vetted, and prioritized by Local Services, other County agencies, and communities during the summer and fall months.  While the survey will remain open after April, having an April milestone for review of the initial batch of requests will allow us to work to manageable internal review timelines.

What services, programs, or capital improvements should be on the Snoqualmie Valley-NE King County Community Needs List? You may also use the map below to share your ideas.

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Please share your ideas for the Community Needs List for Snoqualmie Valley-NE King County using the map below.


Snoqualmie Valley NE King County Subarea Plan and Community Needs List Timeline

CNL Timeline

Subarea Timeline


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