The Subarea Plan is a 20-year plan that outlines a vision for the community and policies to help achieve that vision.  This plan is for the Snoqualmie Valley and Northeast King County. The topics covered can span many subjects, including: land use/zoning, housing, transportation, open space/parks, rural character, economic development, and climate change/hazard mitigation and resilience.

About the subarea plan

The Department of Local Services is working with Snoqualmie Valley and Northeast King County communities to develop a Subarea Plan that establishes a long range vision, and policies to implement the vision.  Throughout 2021 and early 2022 we conducted introductory meetings with representatives of communities and organizations throughout the service area to help get the word out. We are now at a point where we need to start visioning and scoping. Please see the updated timeline to the right (or below if on a mobile device). Below are some opportunities to participate and feedback provided.

Opportunities to Participate

Focus Groups are Forming

Are you interested in having more direct contact with development of this Plan? We are forming focus groups to help guide the creation of the Subarea Plan. The groups are both location-based and topic-specific. If you identify with any of the groups mentioned in the bullets below and would like to participate in a focus group please email Jesse Reynolds and Kevin LeClair at [email protected] and [email protected], including a few sentences that describe your connection to a particular group and why you would like to participate.  Please send interest emails by July 28th.

Focus group categories:

  • Fall City
  • Preston/Mitchell Hill
  • NE King County (unincorporated areas around Skykomish)
  • Unincorporated Carnation/Duvall
  • Unincorporated North Bend/Snoqualmie
  • Snoqualmie Pass
  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Farm, Fish, Flood
  • Mobility/Human Services

For more details or if you feel a group is missing please email Jesse and Kevin.  The commitment to the group would be three one-hour meetings late summer through early 2023.  

Results from Previous Engagement

Subarea Plan Kickoff and Survey Results

During the May 24th virtual kickoff event attendees gave their thoughts on a vision and scope for the subarea plan through contributing to several word clouds. We then had an online survey for those who could not attend. The survey closed July 6th.  Please click HERE or the blue "View Results" button below to review folks thoughts on a vision and scope, as well as word clouds resulting from the live meeting.  King County staff are currently coalescing this and other sources of input to share draft concepts on a plan vision, scope and guiding principles for you to review shortly.

Also for those who were unable to attend, the video is available for you to view on Facebook here:  May 24th Kickoff Event Video

Snoqualmie Valley/NE King County Subarea Plan - Visioning/Scoping Kickoff Feedback Survey

A chance for those who could not attend the May 24 kickoff event to provide feedback


Northeast King County Subarea Plan Feedback Map

Please click the link above to review the results from the feedback map.  The map stopped receiving feedback on Tuesday August 2nd at 5pm, the results are being summarized and incorporated into plan development.


Other related planning efforts...

Countywide Comprehensive Plan

King County has also begun the 2024 update of its Comprehensive Plan, a key policy document that guides how growth and development in unincorporated King County will occur over the next 20 years. The focus of this update will be on climate, housing, and anti-racist/pro-equity policies. For more information about the Comprehensive Plan and how to get involved, please go to


Please feel free to email Jesse about this Subarea Plan by clicking the email to the right (or below if on a mobile device)



Jesse Reynolds

[email protected] | 206-477-4237 

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