UDOT has identified 13 alternative concepts that are under consideration in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Alternative concepts were developed using information from previous studies, public comments and traffic analysis conducted by the EIS project team. These alternative concepts will be evaluated in a multi-level screening process to determine which alternatives will be carried forward for detailed environmental analysis.

West Bypass Alternatives

  • Four alternative concepts for a western bypass have been developed. The primary differences between the alternatives are speed limit and connections to the local network (interchange or intersection locations). Three western bypass concepts generally follow the corridor that has been preserved by Heber City and Wasatch County; each of these has an option to realign U.S. 189. The fourth concept extends farther to the north, using roundabouts.

East Bypass Alternatives

  • Three alternative concepts for an eastern bypass have been developed. The main differences between these concepts are speed limit and connections to the local network, either interchanges or intersections, and the connection locations. Two of the eastern bypass concepts would be parallel to 1200 East; the third would be on 1200 East (Mill Road).

Existing U.S. 40 Improvements

  • Six concepts for improving U.S. 40 have been developed. These include widening, intersection improvements, tunneling/bridging, converting to a one-way couplet and utilizing reversible lanes between 500 North and 1200 South.

Public Comment Period

UDOT held a public comment period to receive input on the range of alternatives, the criteria used to screen or eliminate alternatives, and identification of any social, economic, and environmental impacts. 

The project team will review all questions and comments submitted throughout the public comment period and determine if any changes are necessary before screening the alternatives. A frequently asked questions guide will be developed to address common themes, which will be posted on the project website.

UDOT hosted two public meetings, one virtual (10/5/21) and one in-person (10/6/21), to review the conceptual transportation alternatives the project team has developed for the EIS. The same information was presented at both meetings.


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