Project Overview:

The N.C. Department of Transportation plans to replace Bridge No. 350056 on N.C. 275 (Dallas Stanley Highway) over South Fork Catawba River in Gaston County. Bridge No. 56 was built in 1953.  The aged concrete is spalling (pieces are delaminating, cracking or falling off)  resulting in exposed rebar and corrosion throughout the superstructure and substructure. 

The bridge is rated as structurally deficient and approaching the end of its useful life. (Structurally deficient bridges have deteriorations, cracks or other flaws that reduce their load carrying capacity.  This may result in weight restrictions on the bridge.  Most structurally deficient bridges can continue to serve traffic safely if they are properly inspected and maintained.) 


Project Highlights:

  • The project proposes replacing the existing two 10 -foot travel lane bridge with a new bridge with two 12-foot travel lanes and a minimum of 4-foot paved shoulders.

  • A temporary bridge will be built on the south side of the existing bridge and traffic detoured onto the temporary structure during construction.  The existing bridge will then be replaced in place with a  new structure.  Construction will begin Winter of 2022 and last approximately 24 months. 

  • This method of replacement was chosen because it maintains the straight alignment with no relocatees and limited right of way impact. 

  • Traffic will be maintained using the temporary bridge during construction. Boater access under the bridge will be maintained during construction.

Project History

The bridge was programmed in 2017 for replacement.  Planning began in 2018 and an alternate selected in 2020.  An update was sent by mail to property owners and residents in the area in April 2020.  Funding shortfalls resulted in most projects, including this one, to be temporarily halted.  In Fall of 2020, the project was reinitiated.  As a means of ensuring the public's opportunity to be aware of the project and to receive their input, the Department has created this website and created a hotline number where comments and questions can be submitted. 

Public Input:

Due to Covid 19, NCDOT has suspended in-person meetings.  Information will be provided to the public in a virtual format on this website. The public is encouraged to provide comments or share their thoughts regarding the project

Selected Alternative 2 Project Map:

Map of Bridge replacement on N.C. 275 Over South Fork Catawba River 

Project update newsletter sent 4/2020

 A video explaining how to read a public hearing or meeting map can be viewed below. The video contains information on colors used and symbology.


Project Funding:                                           

This project is listed in the N.C. Department of Transportation's Bridge Program as Project No. BR-0019 and is funded for $6.16 million.  


 Estimated Amount*

 Project Development & Design

$   560,000

 Property Acquisiton

$   250,000

 Construction Costs

$ 5,350,000 

  Total Cost

$ 6,160,000 


* Estimated costs are subject to change. 

Project Timeline:



 Project Initiation

Jan 2018

 Alternative Selection

Mar 2020


Apr 2020

 Right of Way Acquisition

 June 1, 2022

 Let Date

March 2026


* The project timeline dates are subject to change.


All comments will be taken into consideration, and carry equal weight, regardless of submittal method  

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Project Contact Information:

David Stutts, PE

NCDOT Structures Management Unit

 Project Engineer

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Project Consultant Information:

John Williams


Project Manager 

8601 Six Forks Rd., Forum 1, Suite 700

Raleigh, NC 27615


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Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.  

Right-of-Way Brochure Single Page Layout      Folleto del Proceso de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces
Right-of-Way Frequently Asked Questions

Right of way Acquisition Process Videos


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