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Image of a fuel tanker at the fuel farm.

An airport fuel farm is a collection of large storage tanks that store fuel for aircraft. King County International Airport’s existing fuel farm sits underground in the northeast corner of the airport. The fuel farm tanks are nearing the end of their useful life. Updates in federal airport regulations require that KCIA relocate the fuel farm. 


Proposed locations for the new fuel farm are below.

Current fuel farm location v2

Alternative A

Alternative A v2

Alternative B

Alternative B v2

Alternative C

Alternative C v2

Alternative D

Alternative D v2


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The airport will share the results of this survey before we begin the official environmental analysis. As with all airport facilities. Any site KCIA uses for a new fuel farm will be safe and secure. The new fuel farm will allow the storage of newer sustainable fuel types including sustainable jet fuel and unleaded aviation gasoline and will be a resource for emergency aircraft in case of a natural disaster.


There will be many more opportunities in the coming years to share your input on the location of the fuel farm during the environmental review and permitting processes. 

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