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Chevy Chase Small Area Plan

Chevy Chase Small Area Plan


The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan will focus on land use, housing, urban design, and community development, supported by technical analysis, community engagement, and public outreach.


In Fiscal Year 2021, Council allocated funding for the DC Office of Planning (OP) to undertake a Small Area Plan (SAP) in the Chevy Chase neighborhood along Connecticut Avenue, NW.

The SAP will be a guiding vision for inclusive growth rooted in a people-centered planning and design approach that aligns with OP’s priorities of housing production, economic recovery, and equity and racial justice.

Led by OP, the SAP will be developed in coordination with partner agencies undertaking the design plans for the Chevy Chase Community Center / Library redevelopment project and the Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lane Study.

The proposed boundary for the Chevy Chase SAP constitutes the area where the plan's land use, housing, and urban design policy recommendations will be focused. The existing conditions analysis as well as other circulation and mobility related recommendations may extend beyond the focus area. Community participation is also not limited to the SAP boundary.

Who we are:

The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan is led by the DC Office of Planning (OP), with support from partner DC government agencies.

The plan is managed by: 

Erkin Ozberk, Ward 3 and 4 Planner, Project Manager (OP)

Heba ElGawish, Community Planner, Assistant Project Manager (OP)

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Small Area Plans (SAPs) supplement the Comprehensive Plan by providing more detailed recommendations and implementation strategies for the development of city blocks, corridors, and neighborhoods. The intent of such plans is to guide long-range planning and development that establishes future neighborhood improvements, identifies gaps and opportunities in neighborhood services and amenities, and advances social and economic benefits.

SAPs are developed through a collaborative process that entails significant community outreach and engagement, to both communicate the goals and milestones of the planning process as well as provide opportunities for community dialogue on strategic priorities in the planning area. SAPs are typically approved by resolution of the DC Council, and their key recommendations are subsequently incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan Elements.


DC Government Plans + Studies

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Proposal (2020)

Single Family Housing Report (2020)

Ward 3 Heritage Guide (2020)

Housing Framework for Equity and Growth (2019)

DC2ME Values Survey (2019)

DC Health Equity Report (2018)

Rock Creek West II Livability Study (2011)


DC Government Projects Underway

Chevy Chase Community Center (Department of General Services on behalf of the Department of Parks and Recreation)

Connecticut Avenue NW Reversible Lane Study (District Department of Transportation)


ANC 3/4G Actions

Task Force on Racism (2020)

Comprehensive Plan Task Force Report (2020)

Task Force on Community Center Renovation (2019-2020)

The Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) is a high-level guiding document that sets a positive, long-term vision for the District, through the lens of its physical growth and change. The Comp Plan is divided into 25 elements (chapters) and two maps, the Future Land Use Map and the Generalized Policy Map.

The Comp Plan is currently being amended and the Connecticut Avenue corridor running through Chevy Chase has been identified as an area for future planning analysis. 

Mayor Bowser’s Comp Plan Update was submitted to Council in April 2020. Council now has the opportunity to approve the plan in 2020 to ensure the District can achieve critical goals around economic recovery, housing, equity, and resilience, among others. Submit feedback on the Comp Plan by emailing [email protected] or calling (202) 430-6948 (which will be transcribed for the record) through December 3, 2020, or by signing up to testify for one of two virtual public hearings on November 12 and 13, 2020.

Stay up to date on the Comp Plan update at

The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan is led by the DC Office of Planning (OP) and managed by: 

 Erkin Ozberk, Ward 3 and 4 Planner, Project Manager

 Heba ElGawish, Community Planner, Assistant Project Manager


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Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected].