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The project logo Guemes Island Ferry Haul-out: Future Considerations

The project logo Guemes Island Ferry Haul-out: Future Considerations

We understand that there's never a good time to take the Guemes Island Ferry out of service for its annual maintenance period. However, we hope by offering more predictability in the future, people can better plan every year. In this survey, we're asking for your feedback so we can consider what works best for our ridership.  

Taking the Guemes Ferry out of service for annual maintenance is a challenge for everyone. In 2020, we were able to provide reliable service throughout the year, completing 99% of our scheduled runs. Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, we didn't feel comfortable taking the car ferry out of service for an extended period of time. However, the vessel does require annual maintenance to ensure its reliability - which is why we have a haul-out planned for late Spring 2021.

How we make our decisions

We've primarily scheduled the haul out in early spring or early fall - to avoid the busy summer travel season, but also limit the potential for weather events that could delay or cancel passenger-only service. Recently, we've heard from people who think that scheduling a haul-out during the summer would be a better option. From a maintenance perspective, the summer weather is better for maintenance work. However, the downside of scheduling in the summer is lost vehicle revenue to the system. 

What we can do to ensure predictablity

We think that providing a predictable haul-out schedule each year could help people plan ahead. The questions in this survey are designed to identify what time of year you think would be best for future ferry haul-outs. Your feedback will help us determine if it's practical to plan for a haul-out at the same time every year. 

Where do you live? (Select one.)
Guemes Island (full-time)
Guemes Island (part-time/seasonal)
Skagit County (not Guemes or Anacortes)
Outside Skagit County
Select a response
How do you primarily use the ferry? (Select one.)
Most of the time I am in a vehicle.
Most of the time I walk on.
Most of the time I ride my bicycle.
I don't ride the ferry very often.
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During a typical week, how many round-trips do you take on the ferry?
4 trips or less
5-10 trips
11-15 trips
More than 15 trips
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What is the top factor the county should consider when planning future haul-outs?

Listed below are some of the common factors the county considers when planning the haul-out. Please pick the factor you think is most important.

Weather - Consider how weather would affect the reliability of passenger-only service as well as maintenance work on the ferry
Safety - Consider the safety of riders on the passenger-only vessel
Needs of Guemes Island businesses - Consider the potential amount of lost revenue or inconvenience to local businesses
Revenue impacts to the system - Consider the potential amount of lost vehicle revenue between peak and non-peak seasons
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Based on the factors listed in the previous question, what month do you prefer for the ferry haul-out? Please select one.

Due to the increased potential for bad weather, winter (November - February) is not an option.

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What other factors, if any, should the county consider when planning future haul-outs?