Updated documents (February 2024 - pending federal agency approval)

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (full resolution: 62.6 MB)

Smaller document size/resolution for download (18.9 MB)


Air Quality Conformity Determination





  1. 2050 MTP Resolution 2020-001 (>1MB)
  2. Public Involvement Chronology (>1MB) updated from public comment period
  3. Proposed New, Local Performance Measures (>1MB)
  4. Fiscal Constraints Analysis (>1MB) updated from public comment period
  5. Project Prioritization Criteria (2.6MB) updated from public comment period
  6. Community Impact Assessment (3.5MB) updated from public comment period


Technical Reports

  1. Technical Memorandum: MTP 2040 Goals & Objectives Review, 2050 MTP Goals & Objectives Recommendations (>1MB)
  2. Socioeconomic Methodology (>1MB)
  3. Existing Conditions Report / Deficiencies Analysis (4MB)
  4. AMATS Safety Plan Existing Conditions Memorandum (2023) (6MB) updated from public comment period
  5. VisionEval Memo and Presentation (>1MB)
  6. Travel Demand Model Update Report (1.6MB)
  7. Alternatives Analysis Forecast (3MB) updated from public comment period

Committee Action on Final Draft


Technical Advisory Committee, February 1, 2024  - Recording

Policy Committee, February 15, 2024  - Recording


Updated documents January 2024 for AMATS Technical Advisory and Policy Committees' approval

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (full resolution: 36.3 MB)

Smaller document size/resolution for download (18.2 MB)

Committee Work Session on Public Comments

October 30, 2023 - Recording


MTP development background and documents can be found at amats2050.com.

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