November 2021 Update

Take the North Highline Subarea Plan Public Review Draft Survey

The 2021 Public Review Draft of the North Highline Community Service Area Subarea Plan and Land Use and Zoning Map Amendments is available for review and commenting. The Subarea Plan expresses the community's vision for the future and establishes policies that will guide decisions that affect the neighborhood for years to come.

Your feedback is vital to ensuring that the collective wisdom of the community is part of this plan.  You can provide input by taking this survey.

Your feedback is vital to ensuring that the collective wisdom of the community is part of this plan.

The comment period runs from Thursday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, Dec. 19 (extended from Nov. 28). After this, King County will update the plan and map amendments based on the input received. The Executive will then send the revised plan and amendments to the King County Council in early 2022. The Council is scheduled to review, revise, and adopt the Subarea Plan and map amendments later that year.

These are the multiple ways to share your thoughts about the plan:

  1. Complete survey at and follow the process for providing comments on the Subarea Plan and Land Use and Zoning Map Amendments. This website also provides information and accepts comments in multiple languages.
  2. Email to [email protected]. Please make sure that the subject line contains "North Highline."
  3. US Mail: 
    Jacqueline Reid
    King County Permitting Division
    35030 SE Douglas Street, Suite 210
    Snoqualmie, WA 98065-9266
  4. Phone/voicemail: 206-263-3000

Questions? Please contact Jacqueline Reid.

August 2021 Update

The White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA) is working with the North Highline community to review and prioritize the community’s input on needs and interests in the North Highline subarea. Please consider taking this survey developed by the WCCDA.

The information gathered will help King County Local Services complete a subarea plan and community needs list for North Highline. 

Questions? Please contact Jacqueline Reid.

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February 2021 Update

Over the past several months, the community has offered their ideas on what programs, services and projects they would like to be included on the North Highline Community Needs List.  A summary of those requests is available here:

North Highline Catalog of Community Requests

The County is evaluating these requests, but there is still time to share your opinions. If you have any additional comments, please use the space provided below.

A new round of community conversations will begin soon to establish priorities and determine costs and feasibility.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. 

Question title

Please share any additional ideas you have for the North Highline Community Needs List here.

Past Surveys

Community Needs List Survey - North Highline

In this survey, we have listed the ideas we have heard from the community for the North Highline (White Center) Community Needs List. We would like to know which ideas you would like to prioritize. 

North Highline Subarea Plan Survey

The North Highline Subarea Plan and Community Needs List will shape the future of the community. Make sure your voice is heard! 

Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Strategies Report

Department of Community and Human Services and Department of Local Services are partnering on a study of concrete actions that King County can take to develop and retain affordable housing in Skyway-West...

Project Timeline

August 2020 - March 2021

  • Introduction of the planning scope and process
  • Identify community's policy areas of interest
  • Identify community's ideas for initial catalog for Community Needs List

March - August 2021

  • County reviews initial catalog of requests  for the Community Needs List, organizes requests into categories
  • County discusses items raised by community with community
  • County creates draft policy and map amendments for the Subarea Plan based on community input

September 2021 - Early 2022

  • Public Review Draft of Subarea Plan released for comment
  • Community prioritizes items for the Community Needs List
  • Based on community feedback on the Subarea Plan Public Review Draft and prioritizing of items for the Community Needs List, documents are revised and sent to the County Council


  • Environmental review of draft Subarea Plan, with public input
  • County Council refines Subarea Plan, holds a public hearing and adopts Subarea Plan
  • Prioritized Community Needs List items included in development of County's 2023/2024 budget


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Information about the North Highline Land Use Subarea Plan (engagement completed July 2019 to March 2020) can be found here.


Past Plans

1977 Highline Community Plan

1981 Highline Community Plan - Area Zoning

1994 White Center Community Action Plan and Area Zoning

Questions? Contact Jacqueline Reid at [email protected]