How can the Duffyfield Community improve its resiliency by implementing sustainable, nature-based solutions in Henderson Park? 

This is the central question posed by the City of New Bern and its consultant partners, Moffatt & Nichol, as it embarks on the Duffyfield Community Resilience Improvement Project, a community-led transformation of Henderson Park. We invite you to be a part of this important planning process.


Public Meeting Recording is now Available 

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3D view of project site

Source: M&N, 2023

Introduction to the Project 

The Duffyfield Community Resilience Improvement Project will further the implementation and engagement of the completed Resiliency and Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The City of New Bern is launching a community-led project to improve the resiliency and sustainability of the Duffyfield area, specifically in Henderson Park, the headwaters of Duffyfield Canal. This area was identified as a priority in the City’s Resiliency & Hazard Mitigation Plan that was adopted last year.  

This project will involve a renovation of Henderson Park, located within the Duffyfield Community (901 Chapman Street), and adjacent drainage areas. Historically, this low-lying area which includes a playground, walking trail, workout course, baseball fields, and basketball court has flooded during tropical activity and nuisance rain events. The goal of the project is to create an open greenspace designed to treat and store stormwater runoff, reduce flood risk to downstream residential properties, support recreational activities and sustain a critical community asset. 

Design of the project will integrate blue (water) and green (land) infrastructure solutions to encourage the conveyance of water through natural swales and forested wetlands and to allow for water level fluctuations during rain and extreme tidal events. In the end, the project will showcase the benefits of improving resilience with community involvement and innovative solutions.

Other Resilience Initatives in Duffyfield

North Carolina SeaGrant's Coastwatch program teamed up with students from NC State University's School of Architecture to provide several design options for affordable housing as part of Duffyfield's redevelopment. Learn more about this project here.

Duffyfield Now and Tomorrow. Credit: NC SeaGrant and NCSU School of Architecture, 2022

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Learn more about the planning process and provide input towards the development of the concept plans. The meeting flyer is also available for download and printing at the bottom of this project webpage under "Documents".

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We Want to Hear from YOU!

The Team welcomes your input regarding general comments on the project site. You are welcome to add text comments to accompany the pins. Public input collected through this interactive map will be considered with the Team's data and analysis to inform the initial concept plans.

Question title

How can the Duffyfield Community improve its resiliency by implementing sustainable, nature-based solutions in Henderson Park?

Closed for Comments

Question title

Please "drag and drop" pins onto the map below focusing on park amenities, flood risk areas, and improvement opportunities.


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Project Schedule

This schedule outlines the general overview of the Duffyfield Community Resilience Improvement project's initial phase. Engineering and design will be completed in the next phase (not shown).

Project schedule

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Images courtesy of City of New Bern, 2023


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Get and Stay Involved

Your involvement is critical to the success of this planning effort. Below are several ways for you to get involved with the Duffyfield Community Resilience Improvement Project:

  1. Visit the Project Website

Over the course of the planning effort, this project website will be updated with the latest information on the project and plan, including links to all public facing deliverables and project materials. 

  1. Complete the Project Survey

There will be one survey offered during the Public Engagement phase. The survey is designed to collect feedback on the community’s thoughts for the future of Henderson Park and Duffyfield Canal. This survey will consist of gauging the community’s priorities and preferences while focusing on their concerns for the park, getting input on the project’s goals and objectives, as well as developing strategies on how best to overcome social equity issues and concerns pertaining to resiliency.  Feedback will be used to generate ideas and shape options for the initial concept plans.  

  1. Subscribe to our Mailing List

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  1. Participate in our upcoming Public Meeting

The public can engage with the Team to learn more about the planning process and provide input towards the development of the concept plans. The meeting will be designed to be highly interactive – not a static presentation of results – allowing the attendees to interact with the Project Team to start the process of outlining early solutions to develop the initial concept plans.

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Jasper G. Hayes Omega Center

800 Cedar Street, New Bern, NC 28560

Please note, the meeting will be held in-person. A pre-recorded version of the presentation will be available on this project website for those who would like to participate virtually. 

If you need public transit to access the meeting, please click here to find information on the County's daily routes.

  1. Provide Feedback on Initial Concept Plans

The public will have additional opportunities to provide input on the initial concept plans. The concept plans will be made available on this project webpage. Comments can be submitted by emailing the team: Please make sure to subscribe to receive notifications so you can stay updated with the project’s planning process.

  1. Get Social

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  1. Email Questions

Please email the Team at any point during the planning process with your questions and concerns. We will respond to your request at our earliest convenience.