Project Overview

The roadway is scheduled for resurfacing which provides an opportunity to improve crosswalks, curb ramps and pavement markings, and to evaluate additional signage, left and two-way center turn-lane adjustments, the corridor's posted speed limit and the feasibility of adding bicycle lanes.

The project is part of regularly scheduled maintenance activities. In addition to bringing crosswalks and curb ramps to Americans with Disabilities Act standards and considering a uniform 25 mph posted speed limit along the entire corridor, NCDOT is seeking your input on improvements you’d like to see on Haywood Road. Whether or not you have specific suggestions improvement, we want to hear about any areas along the corridor where you see issues, and locations where you are satisfied with the existing condition. Please keep in mind that improvements are limited to the existing right of way (existing footprint) along the corridor.

Below are some images that include the existing road condition, and renderings of concepts to consider when providing input.  The renderings depict bike lanes on one and both sides of the road, and modifications to existing sidewalk locations to help ensure 5 feet of space around utility poles that limit accessibility. When considering the corridor, keep in mind that certain improvements may have impacts on the road’s existing condition.  For example, the addition of bike lanes, if feasible, may impact the available space on the roadway for parking spaces.

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The following visualizations depict potential improvement options that may be considered for Haywood Road.

Existing Condition at Cloyes St. looking east.

Bicycle lanes on both sides of Haywood Rd. Note impacts to existing parking spaces.

Modifications to sidewalk at utility pole.

Bicycle lane on North side of Haywood Rd (Westbound). Existing parking maintained on south side.

Project Funding:



 Funded Costs*

Project Development & Design

$    150,000

Construction Cost

$ 7.5 Million

Total Cost

$ 7.7 Million

  *Funded costs are subject to change.

Project Timeline:




Public Meeting

December 2022

Environmental Document

October 2023

Utility Relocation

November 2023


August 2024


NCDOT accepts comments throughout all planning, design, and construction phases of project development.

All comments will be taken into consideration, and carry equal weight, regardless of submittal method.

Comments for consideration during the current phase of project development were submitted before January 13, 2023.

Question title

How often do you use Haywood Road?

Multiple Times Daily
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Question title

What mode of transportation do you PRIMARILY use when on Haywood Road?

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Rank the following list from MOST important to LEAST important to you for using Haywood Road:

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What are the top THREE reasons you travel on Haywood Road?

I live on or near Haywood Road
I or a family member goes to school on our near Haywood Road
I visit shops, businesses, services and/or dining establishments on Haywood Road
I use Haywood Road as an east-west connector route
I work on or near Haywood Road
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Question title

What are the THREE most challenging things about traveling on Haywood Road?

No bicycle accommodations (bicycle lanes, shared lane markings, bicycle signage)
Hard to cross the street
Too much traffic congestion
Vehicles drive too fast
sidewalks in poor condition
Parking availability
Difficult to make a left turn
Left turning vehicles block the travel lanes
Vehicles drive too slow
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Crosswalk and curb ramp improvements. Are there any suggestions you have regarding the current locations of crosswalks and curb ramps?

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Signage. Do you have any suggestions regarding the proposed pedestrian signage at crosswalks, or suggestions about signage in general along the corridor?

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Posted Speed Limit. Do you have any comments related to a proposed 25 mph speed limit throughout the project limits?

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Haywood Road pavement markings. Do you have any comments pertaining to how the roadway is restriped? For example, lane widths, bicycle accommodations, turn lane locations.

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The Haywood Road resurfacing project presents an opportunity to modify the facility's existing signage and striping (parking , crosswalks, travel lanes, etc.) Please provide input regarding suggestions you have for the project. Keep in mind that this project is limited to the existing right-of-way (the existing footprint of the road and sidewalk). Be as specific as you can and please provide details on the location(s). For example, use cross streets and landmarks to help describe suggestions. Note that whatever design is chosen for the project. curb ramps and crosswalks will be evaluated for ADA compliance.

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