TIP Revisons

There are two types of changes that are processed to adjust the content of the Transportation Improvement Program; Administrative Adjustments and Amendments.


Administrative Adjustments

The intent of the Administrative Adjustment (also known as Minor Revisions) process is to allow, where suitable, relatively small changes to be made to projects in an expedited fashion based on established thresholds. The administrative modification option is available for projects at the discretion of the MPO, which may instead opt for the formal amendment process. Unlike in the case of full amendments, the MPO may delegate the approval of modifications to a person or subcommittee and for the RPC, the Executive Director is provided with the authority to approve Administrative Modifications and to determine when such changes should instead be elevated to full Amendment Status. TIP Administrative Adjustments can be found on the RPC website here:  www.therpc.org/TIPrevisions



Amendments are intended to address major changes to project scopes or costs or that affect air quality conformity. The amendment process also provides an opportunity to process all administrative modifications and information only changes that may have been approved since the previous amendment. Amendments require, at a minimum, a 10-day public comment period, a conformity determination, and subsequent approvals, but may also require a review or update to the air quality analysis. The timeframe to process amendments is likely to be three (3) or more months depending upon the complexity of the changes and the level to which air quality conformity must be considered. To the extent possible, amendments to the TIP will be grouped with other amendments to the State Transportaton Improvement Program (STIP) and processed on a quarterly basis. Further information regarding TIP Amendments can be found on the RPC website here:  www.therpc.org/TIPAmendments

Active Revisions

Completed TIP Actions

2021 TIP Amendment 1

TIP Amendment #1 proposes to make changes to ten projects the 2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (covering fiscal years 2021-2024) within the Rockingham Planning Commission region. This information...

2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program and 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

This site is dedicated to the collection of comments and questions regarding the Draft 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and updated 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (Plan). There...

2021-2024 TIP Adoption

The 2021-2024 TIP was adopted by the MPO on March 10, 2021.

TIP Amendment #1

TIP Amendment #1 will be considered for approval by the MPO at the July 14, 2021 Policy Committee Meeting.

TIP Amendment #2

TIP Amendments #2 - Expected September, 2021

TIP Amendment #3

TIP Amendments are planned roughly on a quarterly basis.