Welcome to the South Slope Vision Plan project page!  We are excited to share this draft plan with you.  

We will use your comments to revise the plan.   Please tell us if there's something missing from the plan, or something you would like to see changed. We will take all comments into consideration, and our staff will balance the comments to revise the plan. Once the plan is finalized, it will go through an approval process that includes the Planning & Zoning Commission and then presented to the City Council for adoption.   Staff will then work with the community to implement the vision for the South Slope.

Navigating the Site:  The following tabs break the plan down into sections so that it is easy for you to explore the plan in smaller chunks, or just read what you're interested in. Click on a tab, explore the content, and tell us what you think. Hit the green button “Continue” at the bottom of the page to go to the next tab or click on a tab at the top of the page to a section that interests you.  If you’re pressed for time, please give input on the topics/tabs that matter most to you. 

We are grateful for your time.  Thank you for your input!

Public Comment for this plan is open until April 8.  


For more information, you can visit the Project Page on the City's website.

You can view the entire plan document here, and download it to your device if you prefer.

Questions? Project Contact: Sasha Vrtunski, Planning and Urban Design svrtunski@ashevillenc.gov or 828-259-5560.


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