What is the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Strategies Report?

As the region grows and housing costs rise, Skyway-West Hill and North Highline residents have shared concerns about ongoing displacement and housing affordability. In response to the feedback we heard during the 2018-2019 Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Subarea Land Use planning processes, the Department of Community and Human Services and the Department of Local Services are collaborating on a feasibility and legal analysis report that will:

  • evaluate tools, programs and regulations to develop and retain existing affordable housing in Skyway-West Hill and North Highline and
  • identify concrete actions that King County, or King County in partnership with other agencies, can take to prevent residential displacement. 

What strategies will be included in the report?
King County Motion 15539 and Action 19 of the 2020 King County Comprehensive Plan update outlined specific anti-displacement and affordable housing strategies to examine in the report:

  • Community preference and right to return policies
  • Expanding property tax exemption opportunities for low-income seniors
  • Inclusionary zoning (mandatory or voluntary)
  • Increasing homeownership strategies such as rent to own, community land trusts, and down payment assistance programs
  • Local and inclusionary employment prioritization strategies for new affordable housing developments
  • Manufactured housing community preservation
  • "No net loss" provisions for the development of affordable housing units
  • Redevelopment assistance programs
  • Relocation assistance requirements
  • Residential community benefit agreements
  • Strategies to implement community land trusts, including a year long community engagement process and exploration of possible funding sources

What is the community’s role in the report?

Building off the community’s feedback, King County will work in close collaboration with the community to identify the strongest solutions to prevent displacement and increase housing affordability in Skyway-West Hill and North Highline. The key findings from the report will be shared with the community through a series of educational workshops to explain what each strategy does and does not do, how it might be applied, potential equity impacts, and important considerations. The final report and recommendations will be informed by conversation and dialogue with the community to identify key risks, community-supported mitigation of those risks, and areas of concern that may need addressing beyond the scope of the strategies included in the report. In addition, we hope to identify community partners who want to engage with us around the implementation of these strategies over the next few years.

April 10, 2021 1:00-3:30pm - Community Report Back on Draft Recommendations

King County staff presented a summary of the community input and the draft Anti-Displacement recommendations which were developed over the last six months through a participatory community engagement process. This was the final community meeting about the draft recommendations before the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Strategies Report will be finalized.

You can review the slides and the recording of the session online.


March 20, 2021 1:00-3:30pm - Inclusionary Zoning Discussion

King County's Department of Community and Human Services and Department of Local Services co-hosted a virtual Inclusionary Zoning Policy Presentation and Discussion for residents of Skyway-West Hill and North Highline, as a follow up to the recently completed Anti-Displacement workshop series. Residents reviewed possible options for an Inclusionary Zoning policy in Skyway-West Hill and North Highline and provided input and feedback. 

Slides and a recording of the meeting are available online.

January 30, 2021 - Anti-Displacement Recommendations Discussion

At the virtual Anti-Displacement Recommendations Discussion, 35 community members came together to share their priorities and recommendations for preventing displacement and increasing affordable housing in Skyway-West Hill and North Highline! The ideas shared with the County will help inform the development of recommendations for the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Strategies Report.

The slides from this session, which include discussion notes, are available online!

October- December 2020: Anti-Displacement Workshop Series

In October 2020, we launched the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Workshop series. This 3-part series explored strategies in the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement report and invited community members to dialogue and share thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns. Over 40 community members participated in the live workshops.

If you missed the workshops, you can check out the recordings of each session on youtube!

August 2020: Anti-Displacement & Subarea Planning Phase II Projects Kick-Off!

Read a summary of community questions and feedback from our August 18 Kick-Off call here.

Learn about and provide direction on the North Highline and Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plans, Community Needs Lists, and Anti-Displacement Strategies Report. 


Alice Morgan-Watson, Housing Community Engagement Program Manager
Department of Community and Human Services
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