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The project logo Dorothea Dix Dog Park Engagement

The project logo Dorothea Dix Dog Park Engagement

Share your feedback to help us plan off-leash dog parks in the future of Dorothea Dix Park

During the Master Planning process for Dix Park we heard again and again how important dog parks were to the community… and we listened!  Our temporary dog park at the former athletic field has been a huge success, but as we look toward construction of the Gateway Plaza and Play which will occur in the same area, it’s time to identify the next great Dix Park Dog Park.

Raleigh Parks staff is working diligently to identify a relocation space for the temporary dog park, and we want to hear from dog owners what you care about when it comes to off-leash areas. 

Thank you for being a part of the conversation so together we can continue to create great dog park spaces as Dix Park evolves!

Where do you live? Move the circle to show the general area by dragging the map.
In which type of housing do you currently live?
House with a yard
House without a yard
Apartment/condo with a community dog park
Apartment/condo without a community dog park
Other (Please describe)
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Which of the following statements is most true of you?
Dog parks are the only reason I visit City of Raleigh parks
Dog parks are most important, but I use other park services too
I use dog parks and other services about equally
Other park services are most important, but I also use dog parks
I primarily use other park services, and rarely or never visit dog parks
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There are many different types of dog parks. Which of these would you be most interested in? (Select all that apply)
Larger (1-3 acres) permanent dog parks
Smaller (< 1 acre) permanent dog parks
Temporary "pop-up" dog parks at different locations around the city
Designated "off-leash areas" in parks during specific days/times
Other (Please describe)
Select a response
When are you most likely to visit a dog park? (Select all that apply)
Weekday morning
Weekday afternoon
Weekday evening
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Choose three (3) of the most important services or design features to a successful dog park:
Amenities (obstacle courses, etc.)
Water Fountains for Dogs
Separate Small Dog Area
Shaded Areas
Other (Please specify service or feature)
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Thank you for sharing your feedback!


Find a Dog Park


City of Raleigh Dog Park Study

In 2018, City staff met more than 4,000 people (and their pups!) at dog park events throughout the summer and 1,500 people shared ideas and opinions in the community survey. This feedback along with spatial data analysis and a review of nationwide trends in dog park planning, is informing the long-range plan that will guide the development of dog parks in Raleigh for years to come.

Please visit the Dog Park Study public input page to view the final document approved by City Council in 2019 and add your comments. A summary of the Dog Park Study below highlights key findings from the 2018 outreach and research.