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Current Projects

HC Website Usability Study Volunteer Form

Hillsborough County would like to improve your experience with the County's website.  We are looking for volunteers to participate in a study that includes either a usability survey...


Proposed 180-Day Road Closure for Gordon Road Public Engagement Opportunity

The purpose of this public engagement opportunity is to allow members of the public to review the requested road closure information and provide feedback during the two-week public comment period (April...

Past Projects

Hillsborough County - Hazard Mitigation Survey

Hazard mitigation plans, such as the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS), are a consistent effort for most cities, counties, and municipal planning organizations that are used to identify and assess vulnerabilities...


Reopen Hillsborough County

As we begin to reopen our community, the health and safety of our residents remains our number one priority. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to help us provide you and your loved ones with...


Hurricane Preparedness Survey

Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st. This season brings new challenges as it coincides with the existing COVID-19 pandemic and it is predicted to have 40% more storm activity than a typical...